Marketing Department Inc’s clients have marketing insights that provide confidence and direction to make strategic business and marketing decisions. Our research methodologies are industry proven approaches and come with much experience. We deliver clear reports, accompanied with suggested strategies.

We start every project with research that begins with a discovery meeting where we try to determine your true goals and understand your issues, next we determine the best research solution. We may recommend any of the following research methodologies:

Customer Satisfaction Survey
Brand Loyalty
Brand Equity Survey
Employee Happiness
Distribution Channel
Competitive Analysis

Focus Groups
Street Surveys
Brand Audit
Secret Shoppers
Employee Happiness
Situational Observations
Distribution Channel
Customer Profile
Buyer Journey Mapping
Customer Touchpoint Mapping

Market Research Reports
Competitor marketing literature
National/ Local Statistics

Market Research Reports
Sales Figures
Price Testing
Position Testing
Segmentation research
Concept Testing
Brand Name Testing
National/ Local Statistics
Small Scale test launch

With the results we will work to solve the answers to many questions:

How can my brand stand out?
What customer metrics should I be tracking over time?
What benefits do my customers care most about?
How is my brand perceived?

How can my advertising best communicate what I need them to?
Does my current website communicate my brand and offerings good enough?

Which type of customer should I be targeting?
How can I improve the customer experience?

What types of opportunities exist to grow my business?
How do people perceive me and my competitors?
What are my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats