3 Marketing and Sales Trends Affecting American Manufacturers

Manufacturers Have New Tools to Reach Customers.To stay competitive in this fast-paced digital world, manufacturers need to stay visible and engage prospects through multiple channels to win business. This needs to happen both online and offline, making prospects and sales funnels harder to manage. So B2B marketers have the challenge of maintaining their traditional channels such as email, trade print and shows while also managing their digital presence. Manufacturers are realizing that it takes a lot of work to stay digitally relevant, because content needs to be personalized to cut through the noise.An interesting … [Read more...]

Social Media Content Calendar Template

FREE Social Media Content Calendar and 4 Steps to Populate It

To keep our social media efforts organized by month, we use this simple content calendar template. We find it greatly simplifies our social media strategies and helps us schedule posts in advance so we aren’t spending all our time online. Download the free Social Media Content Calendar Spreadsheet and give it a try. It’s very simple to … [Read more...]

5 Writing Tips for Clear and Simple Copy

Expressing yourself clearly can help enrich your personal life and make your business communications more effective. Here are a few easy tips to help you deliver your message clearly.

  1. Active and Passive Voice: When a sentence uses active voice, the subject performs the action denoted by an action verb, as in the sentence “Downtown Houghton businesses hit record holiday sales.” Active voice is more engaging and immediate, whereas passive voice can seem a bit stiff and awkward, as in “Record holiday sales were hit by … [Read more...]

3 Questions for Your 2017 Marketing Plan

It’s time to take an honest look at where your business is headed.   Are you REALLY dedicating enough time and budget to digital content and social media? Let’s face it: the Internet is a place where almost all of your customers hang out. Yet, many U.P. companies do not dedicate nearly enough resources for content development, social media, and digital advertising. National trends reveal that 25% of marketing budgets are dedicated to social media alone. This doesn’t include digital advertising … [Read more...]

Customer Journey Template

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C organization, understanding what your customer is thinking, feeling, and doing during every stage of the buying process is crucial to helping you design messages and deliver products to meet their needs. Here is a free mapping template we use with many of our clients.       Please feel free to call our office if you have any questions when completing it! … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Prepare U.P. Businesses for Social Media in 2017

During my 22-year career in marketing, I’ve seen the way brands communicate with customers change dramatically. Gone are the days when a monthly magazine ad or a weekly newspaper ad was all a company needed to reach customers. And remember the annual phone book ad?!Social media makes it possible for every brand to reach virtually everyone. However, staying on top of the rapidly changing trends and dizzying landscapes of social media can be daunting. Yet, U.P. brands can realize huge benefits from social media, so I’ve prepared a few simple tips to help get you into the game.Quality of Connections vs. … [Read more...]

Five Things Great Brands Do

In November, Karyn presented “5 Things Great Brands Do” at the Lake Superior Partnership Business to Business Conference in Marquette. Since then, we have had several requests for her slides and notes, so we decided to share them with the world, too. Of course, presentation bullets are not specific, so please feel free to call our office if you have questions. We will also publish more detailed content on this subject over the next few months.  … [Read more...]

Impact Magazine Design

The Adventure of Design and Layout We recently helped the Michigan Technological University School of Business and Economics create the latest issue of their Impact Magazine. This annual magazine highlights the accomplishments of both students and alumni from Tech's highly successful business programs.     … [Read more...]

New Job Board Connects Professional Job Seekers with U.P. Companies

WorkLiveUP.com promotes Upper Peninsula companies and workforce Two innovative companies in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (U.P.) came together to tackle a longstanding economic challenge for the region: attracting workforce talent. Upper Peninsula Marketing Department, Inc. (MDI) of Houghton and Stang Decision Systems (SDS) of Marquette launched WorkLiveUP.com, an online job board designed to connect U.P. employers with job seekers from the U.P. and beyond. The website is advertised within the region and targeted to people across the country with connections to … [Read more...]

Tactical vs. Strategic Marketing

TACTICAL MARKETINGFirst, so that we’re on the same page about what tactical marketing is (and isn’t), here are some common examples:

  • Keeping the website updated
  • Making sure everyone’s business cards match
  • Posting something on Facebook
  • Creating and placing a radio ad
  • Creating and maintaining brochures
  • Purchasing logo wear for your … [Read more...]