Karyn Olsson
CEO and Strategy
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Phone: (906) 483-2000
Likes: Thinkers, Smilers, Planners and Collaborators
Dislikes: Clutter, excuses, Facebook posts about cats and meat


Stef Cook
Project Manager
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Phone: (906) 483-2000
Likes: The outdoors, positive attitudes, dogs, good conversation with good friends
Dislikes: Debbie Downers, beets, red meat


Aaron Radzwilowicz
Senior Designer
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Phone: (906) 483-2000
Likes: Creating, music, alternative views of history, exploring the mysteries of life
Dislikes: People who think with absolute certainty that they understand life and all of its strangeness


Bob Orton
Graphic Designer
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Phone: (906) 483-2000
Likes: Wood (from making things with it, to cutting it to make heat). Music – mostly playing it with friends. Wandering around this beautiful Keweenaw. Grandkids. Saunas and jumping in the lake.
Dislikes: Cucumbers, French cheese


Tom Strome
Digital Marketing Specialist
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Phone: (906) 483-2000
Likes: Dogs, lifting, snowboarding, hanging with friends, deep conversation
Dislikes: Close-minded people


Laurel Hoitsma
Content Specialist
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Phone: (906) 483-2000


Cedric Kennedy
Campaign Coordinator
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Phone: (906) 483-2000


Maddy Lehman
Video Coordinator
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Phone: (906) 483-2000




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