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3 Marketing and Sales Trends Affecting American Manufacturers

Manufacturers Have New Tools to Reach Customers.To stay competitive in this fast-paced digital world, manufacturers need to stay visible and engage prospects through multiple channels to win business. This needs to happen both online and offline, making prospects and sales funnels harder to manage. So B2B marketers have the challenge of maintaining their traditional channels such as email, trade print and shows while also managing their digital presence. Manufacturers are realizing that it takes a lot of work to stay digitally relevant, because content needs to be personalized to cut through the noise.An interesting … [Read more...]

Social Media Content Calendar Template

FREE Social Media Content Calendar and 4 Steps to Populate It

To keep our social media efforts organized by month, we use this simple content calendar template. We find it greatly simplifies our social media strategies and helps us schedule posts in advance so we aren’t spending all our time online. Download the free Social Media Content Calendar Spreadsheet and give it a try. It’s very simple to … [Read more...]

5 Writing Tips for Clear and Simple Copy

Expressing yourself clearly can help enrich your personal life and make your business communications more effective. Here are a few easy tips to help you deliver your message clearly.

  1. Active and Passive Voice: When a sentence uses active voice, the subject performs the action denoted by an action verb, as in the sentence “Downtown Houghton businesses hit record holiday sales.” Active voice is more engaging and immediate, whereas passive voice can seem a bit stiff and awkward, as in “Record holiday sales were hit by … [Read more...]