Archives for October 2016

Tactical vs. Strategic Marketing

TACTICAL MARKETINGFirst, so that we’re on the same page about what tactical marketing is (and isn’t), here are some common examples:

  • Keeping the website updated
  • Making sure everyone’s business cards match
  • Posting something on Facebook
  • Creating and placing a radio ad
  • Creating and maintaining brochures
  • Purchasing logo wear for your … [Read more...]

Recharging a Logo with Iverson Snowshoes

Iverson Snowshoes has been making beautiful hand-made snowshoes in the U.P. since 1954. With the touch of an artist, every snowshoe they create is made with care from traditional, renewable and locally sourced materials. Although the quality of the product has never faltered through the years, some aspects of the branding were neglected. Now under new ownership Iverson approached us to help recharge their logo.With such a classic brand, we didn’t want to completely redesign the [Read more...]