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Kickstart Your Strategic Planning Process – Part One

We have written successful strategic plans for start-ups, small businesses, nonprofits, banks, downtowns and entire communities. Over the past 20 years of facilitating this process, I learned what works and what definitely doesn’t work and I want to share this with you now.Why a strategic plan? This is the single most important asset to any organization. Without purpose and direction, your company will not win.So, my goal with this two-article series is to provide you with some practical, experienced advice to develop your road map to success. I will write about:

Welcome to our First Official ‘Launch’ Blog Post!

Copper Country Intermediate School District Superintendent, George Stockero, recently surveyed 65 small businesses in the four-county area. His goal was to identity the needs of the local business community so he could align school curriculum to meet those demands. Can you guess what the #1 need is in the Keweenaw? That’s right! Marketing. Why are we doing this?Mr. Stockero’s findings are partially what inspired us to start writing this weekly blog. Our goal is to provide small U.P. businesses and non-profits with helpful tips, data and stories. We hope you can leverage this information to make smarter choices about … [Read more...]